We need to start out with an apology about our menu. If you were looking for the typical boring as hell, exact replica of every dull menu on the planet, we know we may let you down; cause we don’t suck like them. Sorry for that. Now that we think about it, we need to retract that. We offer the most beautiful collection of totally amazing, creative food on the planet and we apologize to no one for thinking of and loving your taste buds!

You rock! You are a Vegetarian or a Saladatarian (is that such a thing?), or maybe you are Carbnivore or Carnivore, frankly we don’t care, we love you just the way you are and we have the food to prove it! If you meet our complex criteria, then we are the place for you. Here are our requirements:

  • You eat food or drink.
  • You must like food that is awesome.
  • You must be sick and tired of the same old repetitive dull restaurants.
  • You must not have a stick up your sunshine and be able laugh.
  • You must wear clothes to eat in our restaurant (your home is clothing optional, of course.)
  • You must hate all (fill in the blank)! Now if you filled in the blank, we may not be for you. We serve nothing but FFHLove baby! We don’t care who you love, how you love, what you wear, how you care, how you vote, how you lean, what’s your scene, what’s your race, what is that thing on your face, all we are interested in is your tastes and being an awesome place, for you to chill, grub and feel right at peace.
    (Hey, FFH do you realize that last line, didn’t rhyme? Guess you ran out of time, which ain’t sublime, but we don’t mind…dude.)

Loaded Fries

French Fry Heaven fame is directly tied to our amazing array or full gourmet meals served over a bed of fries. There are six signature choices on the menu, but as any Happy Soul knows, there are an awful lot more on the secret menu. Try them all then create your MYOM (Make Your Own Masterpiece) versions. If you come up with something genius, let us know and yours might be the next addition to the Signature 6!


Are not just any burgers, but one of the most popular burgers in the world. Through our direct connection to BUBBA Burgers you will get a 5-star restaurant quality 100% premium chuck burger at a fraction of the cost. The best burger you’ve ever had served basic or as your own creation in our MYOM bar.

The Flying Chicken, Chicken tenders

Tenders are one of the few foods that people will eat multiple times a week. There are others places to get tenders, but fresh, hand-breaded, all white meat, well that is not so easy to find. Plus, even if you did, none has the ability to offer the 820 different flavor combinations of French Fry Heaven. This is the stuff of legend!


French Fry Heaven offers something for everyone. We offer a salad on par with the finest restaurants and we give you the controls. Create your own perfect masterpiece or order one of ours, either way, you will get something amazing. Fresh, delicious and, as with everything FFH, creative.

Plant-Based Proteins

Long a leader in plant-based proteins, Veggie Bubba is a perfect choice for the vegetarian at French Fry Heaven. From veggie burgers to veggie crumbles over salads and fries, the possibilities are almost as endless as our swath of different flavors. While this is a hot fad today in many restaurants, Veggie Bubba has been at this for a long time and their timeless recipes offer an unmatched taste profile. This may be a hot trend at other places, but this was how we were born to do it at French Fry Heaven!

Make Your Own Masterpiece

One of the most exciting things to come along in an awfully long time is the French Fry Heaven Make Your Own Masterpiece option. Start with your Angels, which is our vast array of proteins from plant to chicken to beef, add your Saints, which is your sauces that range from Chili to Garlic Parmesan or Cheese sauce, and then finish with our Cupids, which are all those little things that make for a true masterpiece and of course it is all served over a bed of our warm, perfect fries, unless you prefer them on the side with a salad. If you are one of those people who like to control what you eat then MYOM offers you just that.


Just about every restaurant has some vegetarian choices, but what about an entire menu that is tailor made for vegetarian customers? French Fry Heaven was founded at a vegan festival, so we came into this at our core. We focus not just on the health benefits, but equally on the flavor options that come through true vegetarian offerings. Vegetarian customers spread the word about FFH because we are so clearly focused on you needs and wants. Have a suggestion for something new? Reach out to us at any time and let us know. We are listening with vegetarian ears!


Possibly one of the best things about French Fry Heaven, particularly the Flying Chicken brand within FFH, is that it has been designed with delivery as its major thrust. The simplicity, popularity, and overall kickassyness of delivering one of the most popular products for offices, families, late night and get togethers of all kinds assures you will be able to order from FFH all year round. Go to our locations page (ADD a Link) and check out what your store has to offer for delivery options!


Salads, Tenders, Burgers, Plant-Based, etc., offer a perfect opportunity to ditch the white weak salad and sad wet sponge hoagies of the typical office lunch. Just drop a menu in front of whoever orders the usual dreck and have them get something that truly rocks! Having a friend over for a party, game, Jah event? Then show them you have some damn class and taste…buds and order up some FFH! Go to our locations page (ADD a Link) and check out what your store has to offer for catering options!

Late Night Noshing

French Fry Heaven stays open for late night where we can, because there is no better food for the late-night study session, the post party hangout, the 420 dream, the after-concert spot or whatever twisted activity you are up to. We have the food that fits your desires and an atmosphere built for your joy!

Take Out

From the student studying for exams, to the family looking for something to satisfy the whole group, your French Fry Heaven represents a comprehensive take home menu of the best food out there. Vegetarian and health focused customers –Vegetarian options abound with French fry Heaven having an entire menu featuring an array of completely vegetarian meals. If Flavor is your thing and calories be damned, we got your covered that way too. When you are ready to pop by for some grub to go, you might want to check out our locations page (ADD a Link) and check out what your store has to offer for call ahead options!