Every French Fry Heaven has its own local personality and is owned by cool home-grown peeps, just like you. We are not another dull and done corporate chain restaurant that has to abide by the rules, in fact, buck the rules!

Dear God, heading into another dreadful meeting where you know they are planning on ordering another pile of dry or goopy mayonnaise subs or some more cardboard pizza?  Strike preemptively, and order up some kick butt French Fry Heaven burgers, loaded fries, tenders or salads.  “Do you mean we could have done that this whole time?”  No, just when you were hungry.

Super stuck on your couch from partying with your friends or family and have that late-night munchie craving for something different… then call us to customize your own crazy concept of what you think will satisfy that hunger of yours. There are over 420… we mean 820 different ways to enjoy French Fry Heaven; and maybe your twisted creation might end up on your local menu! How sweet would that be?

And remember, your local store will put on cool stuffs for the whole community to enjoy, so make sure you become a Happy Souls so you can check for happenings, deals, merch to perch, and other wicked experiences.


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