First, a little bit O history. Towards the end of 2010 Scott and Jennifer Nelowet took his parents to Europe for their 50th anniversary trip, which had been their dream. While there, Scott and Jennifer discovered the magical, delicious and ubiquitous frites stands that dotted seemingly every street corner and road around. Knowing America’s natural affinity for the best french fries, cool new cuisine and killer design, they knew they had to hatch their own version of a fry stand, American style! the French Fry Heaven idea was born!

Upon returning home, Scott left his cushy college administration post for life on the open road, selling the best French Fries on earth at festivals, fairs and concerts. We never said he was smart. Their very first festival was a veganfest, so while placing flavor first, they started French Fry Heaven with an eye towards Vegans and Vegetarians. With Jennifer, Abby (their daughter) and their friends by his side, they quickly gained a reputation around the state of Florida for serving what many considered the best french fries in the country. In short order and after much research, they launched their first store, a kiosk in Jacksonville, Florida which gained notoriety for several things, the best french fries, the most creative topping designs and long lines of passionate customers.

With the demand so great, others soon jumped into the fray to open other FFH location all over the country. For whatever reason, lots of folks got the idea that the ideal place to open a stand was in a shopping mall, cause those were always going to be a “the” place to shop and spend the day; oops!  Thanks Amazon!

From our humble beginnings many years ago as a food court kiosk and food truck in Jacksonville, Fla., French Fry Heaven has evolved into something more. Something better. We’ve kept the best of our original concept including our Peter Max-esque, pop culture; psychedelic vibe and we’ve combined that with the partnership and infrastructure of one of the heavy hitters in food – the private, Jacksonville-based parent company behind the Peterbrooke Chocolatier franchise and the Bubba Burger brand. Now we’re evolved from our mall-based past and grow into a totally new kind of fast casual restaurant that is hell-bent on french fry dominance. WE ARE HEAVEN!

Merch to Perch

With our incredible flavor choices, amazing designs, and fashionista look, we have an ever-expanding list of dope stuff to buy, from angel wing shirts to black truffle salt and everything between those far points on a curve.  That’s a pretty broad spectrum of merch. Hey, if you are going to spend some money, why not spend it on stuff that doesn’t suck. No doubt, we would dig it. Check to see what gear their selling at your store and spend your dough wisely on really trivial, but sweet stuff! Location Delivery

Our Charity Challenge and other philanthropic events ties to your community in a completely unique way. Listen, it’s sometimes a cold, hard world out there and if we don’t look out for each other, then who will?  We take almost nothing seriously except our Happy Souls, food and our community! Contact your store about the Charity Challenge or the plethora of other charitable opportunities we provide. Location Delivery

Trivia night, comedy, def poetry, whatever speaks to your community is part of what we hope to see at each and every French Fry Heaven. Let your local store owner know what you want and they probably will make it happen. Host your own event at FFH. Our totally original look and menu offering will be the draw and the events you host will be the encouragement to stay and bring friends. French Fry Heaven is so much more than simply the best restaurant on the planet, but also the most fun you can have. Location Delivery


French Fry Heaven was birthed mobile, so it’s in our DNA.  We have crisscrossed the country five times in our truck spreading joy and spuds.  Fries Across America was a spectacular event and showed the country’s passion for fries. We traveled from Austin to Dallas, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Denver, Indianapolis, Louisville, Atlanta to Jacksonville, FL and more, to demonstrate the wonder that is French Fry Heaven. Keep an eye out for a French Fry Heaven mobile in your town! Location Delivery

Loaded Fries

French Fry Heaven fame is directly tied to our amazing array or full gourmet meals served over a bed of fries. There are six signature choices on the menu, but as any Happy Soul knows, there are an awful lot more on the secret menu. Try them all, then create your MYOM (Make Your Own Masterpiece) versions. If you come up with something genius, let us know and yours might be the next addition to the Signature 6!

BUBBA Burgers

Our burgers, are not just any burgers, but one of the most popular burgers in the world. With our direct connection to BUBBA burgers you will get a 5-star, restaurant quality, 100% premium chuck, amazing, awesome, unbelievable, incredible, delicioso, lezzetli, heerlijk, oishī, köstlich, maikaʻi, best burger you’ve ever had! We serve is straight up or as your own creation in our MYOM bar.

The Flying Chicken, Chicken tenders

Tenders are one of the few foods that people will eat multiple times a week. There are others places to get tenders, but fresh, hand-breaded, all white meat, well that is not so easy to find. Plus, even if you did, none has the ability to offer the 820 different flavor combinations of French Fry Heaven. This is the stuff of legend!


French Fry Heaven offers something for everyone. We offer a salad on par with the finest restaurants and we give you the controls. Create your own perfect masterpiece or order one of ours, either way, you will get something amazing. Fresh, delicious and, as with everything FFH, creative.

Plant-Based Proteins

Long a leader in plant-based proteins, Veggie Bubba is a perfect choice for the vegetarian at French Fry Heaven. From veggie burgers to veggie crumbles over salads and fries, the possibilities are almost as endless as our swath of different flavors. While this is a hot fad today in many restaurants, Veggie Bubba has been at this for a long time and their timeless recipes offer an unmatched taste profile. This may be a hot trend at other places, but this was how we were born to do it at French Fry Heaven!

Make Your Own Masterpiece

At French Fry Heaven we want to spread our brand of FFHLove, which is why we created Make Your Own Masterpiece, an exciting way to create your own custom meal. Start off by picking your Angels, salads, beef, chicken or protein based proteins, then add your Saints which are your sauces that ranges from chili to garlic parmesan and then finish with our cupids, which are those little things that will top off your custom meal work of art. Of course, your meal is served over a bed of warm crispy fries unless you would prefer the fries on the side with a salad. Take control of your life and the way you eat and choose the MYOM at French Fry Heaven.


Just about every restaurant has some vegetarian choices, but what about an entire menu that is tailor made for vegetarian customers? French Fry Heaven was founded at a vegan festival, so we came into this at our core. We focus not just on the health benefits, but equally on the flavor options that come through true vegetarian offerings. Vegetarian customers spread the word about FFH because we are so clearly focused on you needs and wants. Have a suggestion for something new? Reach out to us at any time and let us know. We are listening with vegetarian ears!


So you are feeling lazy and don’t want to get off your couch but have a craving for French Fry Heaven? No problemo, we will deliver the goodness to you. The simplicity, popularity, and overall kickassyness of delivering one of the most popular products for offices, families, late night and get togethers of all kinds, assures you will be able to order from FFH all year round. Our whole idea behind the Flying Chickent is delivery any time you are hungry! Go to our locations page and check out what your store has to offer for delivery options!


Salads, Tenders, Burgers, Plant-Based, etc., offer a perfect opportunity to ditch the wilty weak salad and sad wet sponge hoagies of the typical office lunch. Just drop a menu in front of whoever orders the usual dreck and have them get something that truly rocks! Having friend over for a party, game, Jah event? Then show them you have some damn class and taste…buds and order up some FFH! Go to our locations page and check out what your store has to offer for catering options!

Late Night Noshing

French Fry Heaven stays open for late night where we can, because there is no better food for the late-night study session, the post party hangout, the 420 dream, the after-concert spot or whatever twisted activity you are up to. We have the food that fits your desires and an atmosphere built for your joy!

Take Out

From the student studying for exams, to the family looking for something to satisfy the whole group, your French Fry Heaven represents a comprehensive take home menu of the best food out there. Vegetarian and health focused customers –Vegetarian options abound with French fry Heaven having an entire menu featuring an array of completely vegetarian meals. If Flavor is your thing and calories be damned, we got your covered that way too. When you are ready to pop by for some grub to go, you might want to check out our locations page and check out what your store has to offer for call ahead options!

ETC., There are numerous other wonderful things about French Fry Heaven, but frankly, if you are not convinced at this point, we just can’t help you!