WELCOME TO THE FORKING AMAZING WORLD OF FRENCH FRY HEAVEN!  Seriously, if you are like us, the idea of another better burger, fast pizza, clone yogurt, or processed chemical fast food factory is enough to make you move to the Himalayas and drink nothing but yak’s milk for the rest of your life.  So, we came up with a solution to the lack of flavor dilemma, that just plain rocks! While we realize there is no way to experience the full magic of all of our different flavors without tasting it yourself, we hope this site at least gives you a glimpse into why you MUST come to French Fry Heaven!

SO, WHAT IS FRENCH FRY HEAVEN AND WHY DOES THE FATE OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE DEPEND ON US?  Okay, way overstated that last part, the universe will be fine without us, but really, you are going to dig eating here.  French Fry Heaven is really four restaurants in one. First, we offer the loaded fries, for which we are famous, which are essentially full gourmet meals offered over a bed of fries. Second, there is our line of BUBBA burgers, which are premium chuck burgers, something that is almost unheard of outside of fancy hyphen schmancy type restaurants. Third, the Flying Chicken is our hand-breaded, perfect tenders served in 820 flavor combinations.  “Holy crap, did you say 820?”  Damn straight! Finally, and as if that twernt enough, WE HAVE YOUR MOM!  Oops, we mean, we have our MYOM, Make Your Own Masterpiece option, allowing you to work from a base of fries, burgers, veggie burgers, tender bites or fresh tossed salad to create your perfect meal. Truly, something for everyone from the vegetarian to the omnivore!

So, click, scroll, swipe, read and watch on future Happy Souls; French Fry Heaven is ready to take you on the happiest trip of your life!