I suppose we should address what kinds of things we will talk about in this blog. I am hoping this blog page will be something you look forward to reading, watching and commenting on. We want to lift you up by maybe going a different direction than most blogs out there.

In looking at the blogosphere I have seen that blogs mostly come in a few forms. First there is the cranky political blog. Typically this is run by someone who thinks that every problem, thought can be broken down into only two sides; right/left, conservative/Liberal, Republican/Democrat. Think of any issue in your life, anything. Does it have only two possible solutions? Nope? Yeah, pretty much how I feel. So this will not be a dull political rant blog.

The next kind of blog is the critic review site. Now who doesn’t dream of getting paid to eat food, watch movies, read books and go to art openings? Apparently a lot of people dream about this judging by the number of review sites out there, so unless it fits the goal of this blog, we’ll leave that task to others better suited.

Then there is the “what’s going on” blog, where you have people keeping us abreast of really cool events that we might not hear about. Frankly there can’t be enough of these as far as I am concerned. In Cincinnati we were fortunate enough to run across http://gotheretrythat.com, http://citynova.co/french-fry-heaven-the-ultimate-late-night-bite/

, http://www.thegnarlygnome.com, http://5chw4r7z.blogspot.com, http://www.soapboxmedia.com, http://queencitydiscovery.blogspot.com and of course www.citybeat.com, all awesome and great resources. Now truth be told, if we ran a blog of what to do in Cincinnati, Tempe, Atlanta or somewhere else we are located, we would just keep telling you to come to French Fry Heaven. While that is great advice, it would get a bit repetitive and we’d run out of stuff to say pretty quickly, so I don’t think we will do that either. However, you seriously should come to French Fry Heaven!

The next kind of blog, and we feel a kinship here, is with the food porn bloggers, people that are talking about the wonder of food. Now you just can’t go wrong there! Some of our favorites include http://whatbriscooking.com, www.thefoodhussy.com and www.delish.com. While we may occasionally dabble in this topic, since we are fresh, original and awesome, we will try instead to keep turning you onto our friends in this area.

There are the niche blogger talking about things of interest to a select few. There are animal bloggers and car blogger who have a huge audience, but probably not what we are best suited to chat about. There are internet trolls who just want to complain about everything behind their firewall. There are conspiracy sites, but we’d be too afraid of the man watching us to do that. Nope, I think we have to go our own direction and one I just don’t see enough of. We are going to focus on Divine Inspiration.

You will be interested in our blog if you are looking for a pick you up. If you want to read and see inspiring stories we will be the blog for you. If you want to take a look at the world through rose colored glasses, we will have you covered. If you want to read and hear from those who are divinely inspired to make the world a better place or to create that which did not or does not exist, then we are your spot. French Fry Heaven’s very existence was divinely inspired and it is our intent to let you feel the hope, happiness, excitement and creativeness we felt along our path. Like you feel eating at French Fry Heaven, we want you to leave our blog feeling full of something great and feeling amazing! Welcome to our divinely inspired blog!

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